Posted on Nov 29, 2022

With the quick expansion of digitalization, the world is going through a major change in every field, from education to travel. Social media has become a marketing and communication tool for travel companies. They use various social media channels to reach their customers. It is quite easy to find the right customer on various social media platforms if you use them properly. 

Consumers nowadays trust the brands they interact with through social media. There are many ways to upsurge your social media presence. This includes posting images, videos, or reels, creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, LinkedIn profile, etc.

2gether Digital can help you with the pro strategies to get potential customers for you. We use social media to connect you with travelers.

 5 best tricks to get clients on social media

Optimize your social media page professionally

Social media optimization is the method of optimizing your social media posts or your whole social media strategy. Social Media Optimization (SMO) helps you to get the most out of your social media presence to achieve better results: faster follower growth, higher engagement, more clicks or conversions, etc.

Social media optimization includes a variety of techniques and tactics that vary in scope and complexity. 

2gether Digital will help you improve your social media optimization to attract people and convert them into potential customers.


Facebook is the most popular platform. People of all ages use this platform. Most of your past and potential clients are already there. Various Facebook travel groups are there, which play a vital role in converting a client. If you effectively use these groups, you can easily reach your customers. Facebook groups can be a great advantage if you want to increase customers gradually.

You can attract customers to contact your agency and travel according to their desire, like Cheap Travel Destinations, Unspoiled and Less Explored Destinations, Best Travel Destinations, Most Beautiful Cities, Waterfalls, Historical Significance, Spectacular Views, Adventures, and more.

2gether Digital helps in your Facebook marketing by promoting your special deals, and discounts, promoting your upcoming events, sharing reviews of happy customers, and taking part in various group activities.

Story promotion

Story promotion is an important and powerful social media marketing tool. Promote various tour itineraries, group photos of your previous trip, and positive customer reviews in stories to attract more people to contact you for details. It would be best if you were active in answering them all. It is indispensable to answer because it increases a positive approach and decreases potential customer loss. They will find another agent to ask the same question if you don’t respond. 

2gether Digital is here to help you do all the jobs professionally while you can concentrate on other things in your business.

Reel Marketing

Research shows that 20 -20% of reel viewers will increase during 2020 and 2022. With Instagram’s algorithm favouring reel videos, brands can no longer rely solely on using still images to build and engage their audience. It has been found that you will get more views and higher engagements by posting reels. 

Short and engaging videos are the most profitable means of attracting more consumers. Users can easily connect with a brand by interacting with the individuals behind it. Reeling can increase brand awareness and familiarity, as reels help show more dimensions of a brand’s identity than a static two-dimensional identity.

In 2gether Digital, we have all the scope to promote your business. We follow the latest trend to create an excellent reel to boom your business.

Customer Review Marketing

Existing customers can provide the most valuable recommendations, driving leads and helping to increase conversion rates. They can also be your best and cheapest marketers who create content for digital marketing, email, content marketing, and other marketing campaigns. We influence visitors by using your customer testimonials to demonstrate overwhelming social proof of doing business with your company.



While creating a wide scope to attract people, the biggest challenge of social media marketing is that it is constantly changing. You will have to change your marketing strategy to cope with the changes. Any travel company must keep up-to-date about social media trends to engage followers. 

2gether Digital is here with everything you need to boom your travel business. Contact us now for more detail.